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2017 SCATA Annual Symposium Assessment and Evaluations

The Program Committee and Executive Board ask that each attendee complete all of the assessments for sessions that you attended during the 2017 Annual Symposium. Individuals that wish to receive credit for Evidence Based Practice (EBP) units must complete the end of symposium  Assessment and Evaluation that is located following these instructions. 

End of Symposium Assessment and Evaluation

 2017 SCATA Annual Symposium Assessment and Evaluations - CLICK HERE!

Evaluations from Thursday July 13, 2017

  •  Mental health in athletics - Stefan Montgomery, MD, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Using Glides for the Treatment of Mechanical Neck Pain - Kari Wolf-Odland, MS, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Sickle Cell Disease in Collegiate Basketball Player- Amanda Taylor, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Cardiac Screenings - David Isbell, MD - CLICK HERE!
  • Cupping - Sam Baker, PT - CLICK HERE!
  • Fostering Appreciation and Engagement in the Workforce- Michelle Futrell, MS, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Hot Topics for Young Professionals- Rachel Sharpe, MS, ATC, SCAT and Amy Hand, MA, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • DHEC Updates-Credentialing Changes You Need to Know - SC DHEC rep - CLICK HERE!
  • Hall of Famers' Round Table- Andy Clausen, Kent Falb, Fred Hoover, John Lopez - CLICK HERE!

Evaluations from Friday July 14, 2017

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa in a Collegiate Volleyball Player- Veronica Smeltzer, SAT, Limestone College - CLICK HERE!
  • The Need for Mental Health Education in the AT Profession- Grady Hardeman, MEd, ATC, CSCS - CLICK HERE!
  • Rectal Temps Practical Session - Susan Yeargin, PhD, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Foot Biomechanics and Gate Analysis - Jay Patel, PhD, CSCS, CES - CLICK HERE!
  • Your Role as a Student Preceptor- Toni Torres-McGehee, PhD, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Exertional Sickling - Clint Haggard, MHS, ATC, SCAT - CLICK HERE!
  • Paralyzed Athlete - Case Review - Mike Dillon, MA, ATC, EMT-I, CSCS - CLICK HERE!
  • Long Term Consequences of Knee Injury-Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis - Brian Pietrosimone, PhD, ATC - CLICK HERE!

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