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We can do anything they can do, but they cannot do everything we can do.

Without a doubt, the best sports medicine supplier in the world. You must experience our service, get to know your territory sales manager and develop your own special relationship with our excellent sports medicine sales team.

  • Cardea 20/20 … portable ECG diagnostic test for the heart
  • Dynatronics X5 … soft tissues oscillation therapy
  • Terason Diagnostic Ultrasound … latest technology, advanced features and functionalities
  • XLNT Brain Online Concussion Program … first complete online concussion test and management program for all sports and all levels
  • Squid Cold Compression … portable relief and recovery system
  • MedPod … portable tele-medicine
  • NormaTec … dynamic compression rapid recovery system

Greetings South Carolina Athletic Trainer:

As the 16-17 sport season is coming to an end and you are planning your inventory supplies for the next school year, I hope that you would consider Henry Schein as part of your bid process or you can take advantage of the SC Medical Contract that Henry Schein has been awarded that helps avoid the bid process and your account would be enrolled into the SC State Sales Plan. I have attached the contract for you to review.

Why Henry Schein?

  1. Unmatched customer service- I as your field contact and my inside partner Travis Meekins will be your ONLY contact for everything. Consider us as your One Stop Shop for all quotes, prices, invoices and delivery status
  2. Bid pricing is valid from the summer to the end of the school year in June of 2018, so no need to ask for a quote on an item in March if we bid it out during your large summer order
  3. Free Shipping on orders
  4. Stocked items will be delivered next day
  5. Price matching
  6. If you have never used Henry Schein at least see what our pricing is like compared to other companies
  7. We offer more than just tape, gauze and braces such as Diagnostic Ultrasound, ECG Testing, Concussion Software, X-rays and various treatment modalities and furniture
  8. Online ordering with your bid pricing attached to your account from your computer or Henry Schein App

So Why Not give us a shot, I promise you will not be disappointed. If you have any funds left over at the end of the year see how our pricing and service are, if you don’t use it you will lose it…………

Thank you for your time and please feel free to reach out to Travis or I with any questions you may have as our information is listed below. If you have not received our latest 17-18 catalog that was just mailed out please let me know where to send one and I will get one out to you immediately.

Chris Lengle, ATC- Field Manager for SC

Travis Meekins – Inside Sales Partner located in Greenville, SC

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