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2018 SCATA Annual Symposium Assessment and Evaluations

The Program Committee and Executive Board ask that each attendee complete all of the assessments for sessions that you attended during the 2018 Annual Symposium. Individuals that wish to receive credit for Evidence Based Practice (EBP) units must complete the end of symposium  Assessment and Evaluation that is located following these instructions. 

End of Symposium Assessment and Evaluation

 2018 SCATA Annual Symposium Assessment and Evaluations - CLICK HERE!

Evaluations from Wednesday July 11, 2018

 Proximal Synergy of the Spine, Pelvis and Trunk and Sports Performance Outcomes; An Integrated Foundations and Clinical Evidence Based Practice - CLICK HERE!

    Evaluations from Thursday July 12, 2018

    • Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Abuse - Sexual Trauma Services - Kayce Singletary - CLICK HERE!
    • Mental Health for the Athletic Trainer - Martha Dettle - CLICK HERE!

    • Management of Acute Skin Trauma - Evidence for Clinical Practice - Joel Beam - CLICK HERE!

    • AT Residency - Kevin Herod - CLICK HERE!

    • Collaboration for the Complete Student Athlete - Amanda Taylor & Kate Tiller - CLICK HERE!

    • The ‘Art’ of Athletic Training - Skills not found in a Textbook - Mike Smith, Walt Gainey, Kevin Ennis - CLICK HERE!

    • Case Studies - CLICK HERE!

    • Developing Communication Skills to Improve Professional Relationships - Brent Hoffman - CLICK HERE!

    Evaluations from Friday July 13, 2018

    • The Emergency Management Circle - Provision of Care and Communication - T. Zwilling, H. Krinock, C. Greenleaf, R. Hirschhorn - CLICK HERE!

    • Emergency Management Team - Panel Discussion / Q&A - T. Zwilling, H. Krinock, C. Greenleaf, R. Hirschhorn - CLICK HERE!

    • Advanced Airway Management for the AT Setting - Chris Greenleaf & Rebecca Hirschhorn - CLICK HERE!

    • Overhead Athlete - Krista Haidle - CLICK HERE!

    • When and Why We Shouldn’t Use Ice - Brandon Aiken - CLICK HERE!

    • Evidence Based Assessment of Hamstring Injuries, Appropriate Intervention, and Effective Prevention Strategies - Rod Walters - CLICK HERE!

    • Sports Related Hip Injuries - Guillaume Dumont - CLICK HERE!

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